Insights this week
Many factors contribute to the success or failure of enterprise projects, whether they be intricate analytical implementations or complex, large-scale transformations. But failure can often be traced back to one of the most critical stages of any project: problem definition. Though simple on the surface, correctly defining the problem to be solved is the most […]
Operational transformation, cost optimization and innovation have become the strategic drivers of enterprise value in an increasingly complex and competitive business environment. Most companies use a mix of related assessments to prioritize, plan and realize their innovation and transformational agendas. These tools most frequently include financial analysis to project total performance, strategic analysis to assess […]
Digitization is opening up a host of new opportunities for the energy, environment and utilities industry to streamline productivity and efficiency, enhance customer engagement and develop new service models. This is imperative to anticipate and manage a changing environment like demanding digital customers, stringent regulations, distributed and variable energy sources and emerging energy management technologies. […]
The professional services industry has been on a steady evolutionary trajectory since it emerged as a cost-saving outsourced services model a couple of decades ago. From operating call centers to executing non-core repeatable processes, the industry has expanded its professional services portfolio towards the value end of the outsourcing opportunity. Nowadays the emphasis is predominantly […]
What we do
We deliver rapid financial results and help companies bridge the gap to long-term performance through Strategy, Innovation, Business Operations and End Customer solutions.
How we do it
Our team creates relevant and complete solutions by using a rigorous problem solving and delivery framework supported by a toolbox of expertise in business, science, and design.
Our Talent
Our experienced team has a proven track record in creating value-adding solutions for Global 500 firms and unicorn startups. We come from leadership roles in strategy, analytics, operations, and client delivery across retail, telecom, manufacturing, transportation, and consulting.
Caroline Conway
Founder & CEO